Jamie Knudson, President WIDC Board of Directors

Chris Levesque, Vice President WIDC Board of Directors

Sarah Knudson, Program Director, Board of Directors Secretary

Deana Kenjesky, Treasurer WIDC Board of Directors

Whitney Free, Head Coach Dance, Cheer and Tumbling

Diandre Burgin, Head Coach Dance, Cheer, and Tumbling

Autumn Hassell, Cheer Coach and Tumbling

Lauren Belling, Coach Cheer and Tumbling

Ava Knudson, Coach Cheer and Dance Coach

Paris Simmer, Cheer and Dance Coach, Flying, Stretch & Flex, Tumbling Classes

Gabby Miller, Cheer Coach and Tumbling

Ella Moseman, Cheer and Dance Coach

Bentley Fesing Cheer Coach and Tumbling

Wisconsin Dance and Cheer

Casey Anhalt, Scrip Coordinator


Our Coaches and volunteers strive to develop the talent of every athlete through skill progression, while enhancing their confidence, safety awareness and integrity in a fun learning atmosphere.  Our staff has the expertise, experience, and enthusiasm to foster a winning spirit,