Wisconsin Dance and Cheer

 Philosophy / Mission Statement

  At WIDC All-Stars we are extremely proud of the program that we have developed with love over the last 9 seasons. Since 2010, we have witnessed change

  within the All-Star Industry, have experienced tremendous growth, and will never compromise on our core values - it’s what makes us different - it makes us WIDC. No matter the size of our program WIDC is “home” to so many

   of our staff, athletes, and their families. Our focus has and will always be, the personal and skill progression of each athlete. Our incredible staff is

known for reinforcing safety and technique as we practice, perfection before progression.

  Mission Statement: 

WIDC is committed to providing the athletes a positive and welcoming environment where success is achieved through determination, dedication, and   perfection before progression.  We value the importance of teaching characteristics like confidence, hard-work, admiration of team, motivation, perseverance, initiative, organization , never quit attitude, and self-confidence. 

Teaching not just to be a champion on the floor but off.  If we instill these values in our kids, then we have made them winners, regardless of what place the trophy says.  We stand apart from other programs by being highly successful without sacrificing sportsmanship, character or integrity. 

Athletes will develop friendships and social skills, enabling them to be confident and successful both in cheerleading and dance as well as life.  We endeavor to ensure that every athlete feels safe and happy at our gym.  We believe we uplift and empower confident and successful athletes by providing qualified and experienced coaches and exceptional role models.


   To provide a state of the art training facility.

   To make the WIDC program the most innovative and successful program in our area not by competitive wins, but also by ensuring athletes develop their talents as individuals, and learn safety, and quality.  Striving to be a leader in the industry by continually developing our coaches' knowledge, learning from current leaders and industry training courses, as well as developing our own innovative techniques and skills.  We strongly believe in zero tolerance against bullying and encourage athletes to respect and understand the differences that make them part of WIDC.